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Friday, February 29, 2008

Wilderness Langkawi Challenge 2008

Offer 2 categories. Slow & Steady (for beginners) and Fast & Furious (for professionals). Both categories will comprise of a two member team consisting of either men, women or mixed teams. Participants must be aged 18 years and above. This one day multi-discipline endurance race will include activities such as

a. Kayaking
b. Trail Running
c. Mountain Biking - Fast & Furious category only
d. Possible Caving - Fast & Furious category only
e. Surprise Elements to test the wits of the participants

Total distance
a. Slow & Steady: 10km - 15km
b. Fast and Furious: 40km - 45km

Time: 3rd May 2008
Where? Tuba Island.
How much?RM 150/team for slow&steady while RM300 for Fast & furious
Extra informations:The Wilderness Langkawi Challenge is all about having a great time and pushing yourselves to the limit! There will be a skills test
session on 2nd May 2008 for all participants. Details will be provided later. For more information, please call + 603 2730 5000 - Adilah (+6012 302 9666) / Jasmin (+6012 302 3600)

Also another eco-challenge,and i may consider to join also,but may look at the budget which is quite heavy for us,i may ask Ady to join,if Unit sukan really going to sponsor us,then i will reallly have to make up our mind as to compete to the best.Anyway what i fear the most is kind of mapping reading which is very tricky in this kind of race.Until now i didnt get the website of its full detail,i hope to get it soon,who knows we may form 2 teams comprise of our "veteran members".ha!
Attention!!! anyone interest in the event can download the form Here.More informations about the race can be downloaded Here also.Thanks

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