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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tioman Island Challenge.

To all our friends,This challenge is really nice!I cant believe it!But 1 thing that i quite worry about is that i will have my Masum Meet at that time,i wonder i can make it or not!In fact in my mind,i hope to join Tioman Challenge.Its really exciting looking at what they had published!
This is some info:
When ?

13 – 15 May 2008 (Tuesday to Thursday)

Where ?

Tioman Island, Pahang Darul Makmur

How to
get there ?

By road:-
Get yourself to Tg. Gemuk jetty, Kuala Rompin, Pahang (about 4½ hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, 3½ hours drive from Singapore. Take the ferry to Kg Salang on Tioman island (Race Start Line).

By air:-
Fly on Berjaya Air to Tioman Island and make your way to Kg Salang.


Team of 4 racers including one compulsory female.

Disciplines• Biking
• Running
• Canoeing
• Surprise tasks along the course
• Night stop outdoor camping

3 day - 2 night

PrizesAttractive cash prizes:
•1st - RM 10,000
•2nd – RM 8,000
•3rd – RM 5,000
•4th – RM 3,000
•5th – RM 2,000
•6th – 10th – RM 1000
•Iron Lady of Tioman – RM 5,000
•Trophies for winning team
•Medallion to all racers completing the race
•Certificate of participation for all racers
completing the race
Food & drinks

Race fee includes:
•Dinner, snack lunch and breakfast during race
•Drinking water available at water stations along
the course
•Gala dinner on final night (15th May)
•Participants are however advised to start the race
with 2 litres of drinking water each.

Accommodation•Tents are provided for participants at night
stops during race

•Hotel accommodation before and after the
race could be arranged. Prior booking necessary.

Monday, 12th May
•1400 hrs – 2000 hrs: Registration opens at Kg Salang •2100 hrs : Race briefing

Tuesday, 13th May

•0730 hrs: Day 1 Briefing
•0830 hrs: Race Flag off
•1800 hrs: End of Day 1
•2000 hrs: Dinner

Tuesday, 14th May
•0700 hrs: Breakfast
•0800 hrs: Day 2 Race
•1800 hrs: End of Day 2
•2000 hrs: Dinner

Wednesday, 15th May
•0700 hrs: Breakfast
•0800 hrs: Day 3 Race
•1800 hrs: End of Day 3
•2000 hrs: Gala dinner and prize giving ceremony

Safety and Medical Assistance

This event involves adventure racing. We are very concern of the safety of the participants. Medical assistance will be positioned along the race course to allow immediate attention be provided in case of any emergency. Medical treatment will also be provided at overnight stops if so required. Medical evacuation team will be on stand by at all time.

You need to be mentally, physically and logistically prepared for this race.

Safety consideration: dehydration/hyponatremia, exposure/hypothermia, insects and dangerous animals (mosquitoes, bees, snakes, caterpillars, scorpions, leeches etc.) rugged, rough terrain and thick jungle.

Weather: Tioman is a tropical island with high humidity. Temperature between 25° - 35°C.


Tents and basic toilets will be available at overnight stops.

Bicycles and safety helmets are available for rent.

Canoes, paddles and safety jackets are provided.

Participants’ luggage (not required for race) will be transferred from the start line to the finish line.

Sufficient clothes and personal items (for race and overnight use) will be individually carried by participants during race.

You all can get more info by click here.

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