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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Running for a Beginner.....

Here are some tips that we can provide to those who just going to start their running especially for long distance events.Make sure you guys/gals take note of these tips.
1)Be patient.It takes time for your body to adapt to a new activity.In beginning,persistence is more important than distance or speed.Get out a few times a week whether you walk,run or alternate between them.

2)Take it easy but keep track of what you do.Over time you will be able to cover more distance and build speed.You won't see the progress if you don't keep the data.

3)Don't skimp on gear,particularly shoes.You'll be able happier over the next few weeks with a hat,gloves and a windproof jacket.Polyester clothes will be nice one,as it can helps to dries fast and won't let you sopping wet and chilled.Running shoes are designed to address different issues with your gait:the specialty stores know those different and can save you a lot of headache.Such as Royal Sporting House,Al Ikhsan,or those shops like Adidas Retail shop,Nike and so more,don't be hesitate to ask the sales person about what kind of shoes suit you feet the most!!!

4)Warm up,cool down.5-10mins walk or slow jog at the start of the run will make the whole process less miserable.A few minutes of stretching at the end will lower the risk of injury and help minimize some of the usual aches and pains.

5)Don't be afraid of food.Many of us are in this to help with the weight control,but starving yourself-or eliminate whole food group-is not the way to do it.You need a balance or carbohydrate,protein,and yes, stay healthy!!!p/s: As in Malaysia here,those spicy foods can be avoided especially before the race,as it may give effect to our body,like stomach ache.

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