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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Training Places by days

To all our members,we have set the schedule or our training routes as below:
Monday:Up hill beside FKE (there's 2 ways: one is the hill area beside Lingkaran Ilmu
another one is hill area at Logi Air(steeper).

Tuesday:Lingkaran Ilmu(minimum 2 laps)

Wednesday:Gym or areas arond tepi Tasik for some weight training.

Thursday: Padang besar UTM,just beside tasik,rugby field.(run around the field at least 3 laps)

Friday: Up to Balai cerap or Ibnu Sina(both are hill area),we suggest start early or sharp
at5,30 pm because its will become dark at hill top there if we are late.

Saturday: Free and easy run,either morning or evening ,we will decide it later.

P/S: any changing of the routes may be done on the spot,depend on the condition,weather,members that attending.Thanks

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