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Thursday, February 28, 2008


To all our member,i have set to the saturday morning as one of our training day.At 7.30pm same place near tasik.And it seem that these few days is raining so,if the condition is not so bad,not heavy rain,then can have a try,but if u guys cant really sustain it,then dont go for it,coz some of you may get sick easily.Today i have trained for the Linkaran Ilmu,and its rain a little bit,for 2 laps with 2 mins rest.I managed to run 8.24secs first lap and 8.46secs at 2nd lap.So i dont think its good enough for me,but to all our member which will go to KL Marathon(6members)i hope you guys/gals can try to achieve a target at the Lingkaran Ilmu,which i will set for 10KM and half-marathon group.
For 10KM: try to achieve below 10mins for man and below 11.30secs for woman,go for 2 laps will be ok.
For half-marathon:try to achieve below 12 mins for man for at least 3-4 laps,and woman below 13mins also 3-4laps,without stopping.
This is just my estimation,and i hope you all will try your best.

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