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Friday, February 29, 2008

Port Dickson International Half Marathon

Date: Sunday, 25 May 2008, 07.15am
Venue: Admiral Marina & Leisure Club, Port Dickson, N9
Certificates and medals will be awarded to runners who complete their race within stipulated times.

Half marathon
A - Men's Open (18 years & above)
B - Women's Open (18 years & above)
11km Run
C - Men's Open (18 years & above)
D - Women's Open (18 years & above)
E - Men's Veteran (40 - 55 years old)
F - Men's Senior Veteran (55 years old & above)
G - Women's Veteran (35 years old & above)
School Children
H - Boys (13 - 17 years old)
I - Girls (13 - 17 years old)
Entry fee:
Half Marathon (RM20)
11KM Run (RM15)
School Children (RM5)

Admiral Marina & Leisure Club
Batu 5 1/2, Jalan Pantai
71050 Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus

Tel: 6-06-647-0888
Fax: 6-06-647-0880/9

I have been this event last year,and i managed to get 8th placing in men open which is very tough,as you know the Negri Indian guy there are so fast!Their junior even superb,if i not mistaken i have lost to their juniors about 10 to 15 of them,which considered a lot!Anyway i also recomend you guys to go and have look at this race,now there is quite a lot of Kenyan,so for me to get inisde top 10 is so tough!But never try you will never know the results!Negri's Seremban there is a small town,so you will have kind of nature view when running over it.1 thing i still remembered is the the finishing inside the big football field where i have to run over the mud there!So dirty!ha!but you have no choice!If you stop down,then you will lose to the back  guy that chasing after you.So you can imagine that my whole body and shoes was stained with those dirty mud.Yuck.....

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