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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Training Programmes

Our training is 6 times one week,from monday till saturday.The location is near the Bus stop of the tepi Tasik UTM,where u can see some kayaks there.Time is for those who want to come late only about 15mins,we will wait u.See u.Thanks

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lks726 said...

our member of Kakithon UTM consists of :

0)Mohd. Ibrahim hj. Azam (Advisor)
1)Ong Wei Xiang (Captain)
2)Ady ibrahim b. mohammad Saleh
3)Lim kar sing
4)Nazihah bt, abdul ghani
5)Nurhanani husna bt. Harme
6)Nurul hidayah mohd nasir
7)Noorain bt. Mohd amin
8)Gerard joeplik
9)Steffi mit anak angie
10)Lee soon yong
11)Tea siang teck

for those who have interest or want to know more, do come and join us...lets enjoy the life with passion...