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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

KL Towerthon 2008

2008 KL TOWERTHON,here we go...This is what it looked like of the starting line.There was raining at that morning.
And this is the second starting group of mens open.We have some of our friends there.Lim Kar Sing,Ong Wei Xiang(me),
Wong Chin Chun,Lee Soon Yong were there,all of us were in Team A,
where we managed to get the second placing in IPT(Higher learning category)and RM2000 also,ha!ha!Another guy,
Ady was in the third group together with Blake(Md Ibrahim).One more thing is the Men open champion also come
from this second group.
Our Team A member,Wong(51)was looking at something else,ha!He is one of the youngest in our team,his performance was encouraging also,but
still need more exposure of more road running races.

The womens open members.Ida was not in.Dont know where she gone.

The medal,quite nice..those who finished top 3 will get another also.

All the members having their final photo here...
Here they were,from left were Lee,Wong,Ady,Lim,Ong(me).UPNM A got the first placing,While UTAR got third.

Have a look at all the member from UTM(Universiti Teknologi Malaysia).I can describe that this outing is quite good for us,its a good exposure for all of us.
See again next year KL Towerthon.

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