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Friday, February 15, 2008

Nutrition for a Runner

Its been very important that a runner/athlete take care of his/her diet.So inside here,we would like to discuss something about food that suitable for us.We can really divide our food intake to fews groups.1)before the race,2)during the race and 3)after the race.Let us look at it.p/s:some of the topic discuss like the food intake is according to the past experience by kakithon's members,hence it wouldn't be or may be not as accurate as the research from scientific fact.
Before the race : Its been really important for us to make sure what we eat before the race can help us to improve during the event.We should take more resources of carbohydrate,protien,mineral,plenty of water,and some supplements of vitamins may help us too.We need to avoid oily,spicy food,but that doesnt mean we cant consume these kind of food at all,may be just a little bit.Food like fishes,taufu,soy bean are full of protien resources,which may help us to build the muscle and replace the bad cell.I myself also recomended salted egg which just like playing the role of 100Plus!You can consume ice drink but try to avoid especially after your training!This is very important!Mineral water is just nice.

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