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Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Inaugural UTM Duathlon Challenge

First of all i would like to announce that our very own UTM Duathlon Challenge been confirm being held at 10th October/Saturday 2009!For those that want to join u can either download the form from this website or directly find me(016-4339095).

-This race is open to all UTM student with 2 category of mens and women uni category.
-The course consist of running(2km)-cycling(10km)-running(2km)
-Registration fees is RM5.00.
-You will be entitle with registration certificates.
-Prizes will be for the top 5 of each group.
-Selected winners or those with the potential in this sport will be included in our next year UTM Duathlon Team.
-A race briefing and clinic will be held at friday/9th october start from 3pm at Komplex Sukan,unit sukan,its better you come as the race no.will be provided as well.
-Any further information you can directly contact with me or Abang Afiq that his h/p no.already stated in the registration form.Or the best way is you attend the clinic that will be held!

You can download the entry form here as well.
P/S : More volounteer/marshall will be needed during the race,any1 that interest please contact with me.Your help is very appreciated!

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