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Sunday, September 13, 2009

2nd Nite training in Ramadhan

wow! amazing this what i can say about the Ramadhan training with the fellow guys out there!Sometime is not about what you want directly about the results,but satisfaction of our team work training is 1 of the crucial part that make us enjoy the most during the training!

Our training exactly like last week when T.penasihat/Black trained with us but this time we change abit to the cycle-run only.The main intention is to make sure those guy can sustain the pressure of bike changing to run part which play a big role during the race.The guys/gals that came were Lim,Jiha,Ting,Wong,Zaheen and myself.I can say not many but atleast they put on their effort to sacrifice something for it.Remember:dun ever expect the result right after the training,but be patience with it.1 day it will come toward you!

Right after our running part,we meet with the bicycle geng of Ayie,they really know alot of bike tip than rest of us.They suggest to ride up to the Balai Cerap.THe time was around 11pm+.The 2 gals also agree to go up.Fifi as the front guy while Awis guide at the back.Everything went smooth till we up to the hill.We had some brief discussion and tips changing at there,and yes we really enjoy the ride.

Jiha suggest next week again at friday to the nite training,anyway must really look at whether those guy balik kampung or not.Till here just to wish those Muslim guys/gals an early Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.Have a save journey back your home town!

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