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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


once a friend of mind, told me something really meaningful, so i hope to share it with all of u people, hope it will keep us going even when the road is tough

as an athlete, we always have choices to make,

in our journey to the peak mountain,

we will always meet with pain,

1 Pain of Regret

2 Pain of Hard Working

so, what is your choice?

would we rather tell ourselve that it is ok to stay up until 3am in the morning wondering "why i didnt train harder 5 years ago?","why i didnt run faster during the final 200m?", "why i skipped so much training days just because it was about to rain or my friends ask me to go out?", "why i couldnt hold on for the last few seconds?","why i spent countless hours for watching movie/play pc games/wandering around the shopping complex, rather than a couple of hours for training?"

the soreness for not trying hard enough when we are physically and mentally capable to do so, will hunt us forever whenever we see, hear and feel that whatver the other person doing,( for example running ), we can do the same or even better or a least have the chance to participate.
pain of hard working is temporary, but pain of regret will be overwhelming and last for a longx3 time.

i myself, have the very regretful experience during my secondary school years for taking granted what my coach taught me, as the result, i fail miserably.
the experience is still vividly stored in my mind, sometimes, when i recall back what had happened, i truly hope that i can compensate for my mistake.
and that is among my strongest motivation to train hard for my degree years, because after that i will have to give full commitment to work and support my family.
this 3 years will be my last chance to redeem myself.

there is a quotation from a sports movie
and it sound something like this,
"pain, tiredness and fatigue will be gone, broken bone will heal , but glory last forever"
and i add abit myself "regret will also last forever"

so, what will be your choice
Glory or Regret ????

hope everyone will work hard for your own dream.

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