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Monday, October 5, 2009

4th Ekiden Run

Wong,Uncle Moey,Chan/show off his fake oakley..wakaka! and Sylvia
Team Kakithon Plus!
Sylvia pass the baton to Chan,She is first runner of the team and did pretty well!Congratz!
Results list

Its an annual team run event which held in Putrajaya.This time with the help of Moey Family of Uncle Moey and Aunt Tan,we form a team call Kakithon Plus.Infact when we go up to KL from Jb,we didnt really target anything else,just hope all of us try our best since this is our first time in this events.

Then we reached Kelana Jaya at night where stay in Uncle Moey house.Thanks alot to them!And the teamlist been out,theres almost 140 team in mixed category...zzz...such alot of teams some more we saw the UPNM team again..Haiz,this time we just really wan to try our best,anything else beyond this will be a bonus to us.

Then we reach PICC at early morning,3km is the distance for each of us,but Uncle say that some stations will have abit of hilly area,so i decide to take the station 4 which eventually turn out to be the easiest part.Anyway each of us already try our best and we got the 4th placing which turn out to be a surprise for me,coz before this i think that our team will get 6th only provided during my 4th baton i only can get to the 6th.But Wong overtook 2 other team in the final round,hah!Sylvia,Chan and Uncle are first -3rd baton.

A race which turn out to be surprise for 5 of us,but looking at what UNIMAP and UPNM did,i think their uni just had done really good job by joining in this race.Some more their team all got top 5 finish!Congratz to all that join the race!Thnks again to Moey family!

Video of our prize giving.....

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