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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sem break training for running

Here's 1 of the article i got from a very good triathlon blog/website.The infos i got not just for beginner but also for those season runner.So no matter who u r,as long u have d interest n passion in dis just take it as ur guide to move toward ur goal.

Run off-road
Running off-road has many benefits. It reduces the repetitive forces of running on hard tarmac, the uneven footing will toughen you ankle ligaments and stabilizing muscles; and the uphill sections will build overall strength. If your longer endurance runs are completed off-road you’ll probably reduce the injury risk associated with increased mileage.

-Ya off road been 1 of the best training solution for us,some more it will really toughen you body strength kinda like gym training liao.

Know your limits
If you know that running at different paces stresses your bodies systems, you’ll be able to develop a more structured approach and a progressive training plan. One of the coaches at your local club should be able to assist with this, or if you’re very lucky the local university sports science lab may offer free lactate threshold testing.

-For us is our running group lo.Remember doesnt mean you push everytime will let you improve all the way.Training smart is the approach that i want you all adapt to it!But need hard also,anyway smart always win over hard de ^^

Race Regularly
Taking part in competitive fell and x-country races will keep your cardiovascular system tuned up and your racing instincts sharp. The varying distances of off-road races will take the pressure off trying to achieve PB’s like running on road but at the same time will still be of benefit, working you near your maximum capacity.

-So doesnt mean that during sem break you stop all the way,instead take it as your challenge by joining more races!

Improve your style
How good do elite runners look when they’re whipping along? That’s because they’re well drilled when it comes to technique. Good running mechanics can be developed by running lots of short repetitions (50-100m) at a fast pace, just below you full sprinting pace. Do 3 sets of 3 x 100m reps, following a warm up, before your main run session to increase your mechanical efficiency at speed.I been train with you guys about it,in fact 30m also a gud one.

Buy the rights shoes
Sounds simple, right? No matter how flash the latest Newton running shoes look, if they don’t suit your foot type and style, then you’re going to be in for a frustrating season mixed with injury and disruption. Seek a running shoe shop that provides gait analysis or practical advice when it comes to the biomechanics of your running style. I’ve already rambled on about ‘How to choose the right running shoe’, which will give you a bit more background when it comes to foot types and available shoe styles.

-So above is what the article mention.My best recommendation is that before you buy,ask yourself whats ur next mission/target?You want either training/training + racing/fully racing or injury recovery?Only then you can really choose shoes that suit u!

Down some pounds
Loosing an extra few pounds during the off season will have you running at a quicker pace for the same effort come next year. An extra kilo of body fat will add an approximate 5-8 seconds per mile when you’re at race pace.

-Wow,this i just discover...will add 5-8 secs?So you guys better dun take granted go home and eat alot ah..jadi gemuk thn u will noe how hard to get back d shape ler..haha!

Run with a club
Running with a group or club during the darker months will make your run sessions much more enjoyable. Most running clubs will have a few different run groups that run at set paces which will enable you to maximise your potential.

-already in our group ler...

Remember recovery
In general, running can do more damage to your body than cycling or swimming. As you increase the intensity and duration you’ll need to be more disciplined with your recovery time between sessions. Having one easy recovery week in four will help keep you run injury free. Be sure to be aware of the first signs of injury, as there’s noting worse that running injured.

-I agree with this very much,its either you take full rest before you come back,or else you will suffer from the next training!

Be progressive
In order to get the most out of your off season run training you need to gradually build up the intensity or duration if you want to see improvements. If you to build endurance, then subtly increase you running time each week as well as the length of your weekly long run. Remember the golden rule to never increase the time or distance by more than 10% each week. The key to any progression is to be patient. Don’t expect results over night as progression takes time so see benefits. Planning and monitoring over months will enable you to place more focus on long term progression.

-Exactly like what i had told you all before,'Rome was not build overnite' training consistently is the most important,you wan rush?Can but with the correct method,but mostly when ppl rush they tend to make mistake easy until they dun know what exactly they had done!

Remain injury free
Training progressively over a period of several months is the consistency that all serious runners seek and this is the only way in order to remain injury free. There are no real shortcuts to success; look at the efforts the elite athletes lay down in order to get to the top. Don’t miss the opportunity to podium due to over-training injuries or bad off-season planning. Stick to the basics and you’ll not go too far wrong.

-So above article also share the same view i mentioned before.Injury,your own safety during training all this you must take care alot.You guys been lucky stay in our Uni that has less traffic rather than other runner that need to train outside which so dangerous.But although inside uni also need to take care!Remember that you must be responsible to your body!

Most of all, get out there and enjoy the benefits of your sem break running n training.

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