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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kakithoner next races

Ok let me update abit our members next races detail,if i am mistake just do correct me about it.
Lets start with T.PEnasihat,Mr Black he going to join Powerman,Lumut( 8th Nov) along with Jiha.For those that new in here,Powerman is more advance duathlon which consist of 10km run + 60km bike + 10km run.After the powerman they will go Kinabalu hike with our civil super senior,Mr Faraied also Black buddy.

Lim kor will join Penang Bridge Maratthon of Half marathon category at 22nd Nov,he will be staying with me and Wong before we go together to the starting point at Queenbay Mall.For your information,PG Marathon still receive entry before 31st Oct,so hurry up if you really wan to join.

Wong as said before Pg Marathon,he will be joining Klang Pacer at 15th Nov and M2M at 8th Nov with me.For the infos both still can be register.M2M is what?Mountain to mountain a race which consist of series of mountain running,before this some of our kakithoners already joined so you can check out at the older post.Klang Pacer?a race that clash with KRI Run,initially Wong wan join KRI,but from what he said that organiser going to charge a whopper of Rm 55 for late entry,so he switch to Klang Pacer,i think its a good decision,tak baloi la,paying RM55 for a 10km event,ya may be its 1 of the best organiser out there,but i also wont join,the fact is that in my mind Malaysia 10km race suppose to be in RM10 nia,may be sudah outdated long time ago,but atleast you have to make sure you are worth of paying that amount.Some more you must know whats your current situation as a student,so choosing a race wisely is a must,if you currently on job then its different story liao.

,he gonna join Starwalk only if no mistake at 13rd Dec and 14th Dec already new semester!For the information,I,Chan and another new guys are runner + walker in Kakithon,hehe!

Ting decide to join Klang Pacer as her maiden race outside there,a 12km race,so you gonna plan well in your transportation,accomodation and so on,its a learning process for you,so anything dunno ask any kor kor or jie jie out there ba..haha! P/S :kor kor and jie jie in chinese mean brother n sister..ha!

Myself will join Pg Marathon,a race that i quite hate to join coz of the distance i have to run..haha!But its ok for me de somemore Wong and Lim Kor are coming,i gonna be the host this time to serve them liao...Starwalk will be in my waiting list as well.Frankly speaking,those that wanna feel of family environment with fun activities,Starwalk is a race that you shouldnt miss,as for those love Lucky draw very musch,you just cant miss the event.Every year Starwalk offer more than 100 prizes for luck draw with 5 top prizes of 5 Suzuki!And i tell you ah...the winner mostly is either student or underage walker!Wah!Paying rm12/rm8 you can get a RM4k Motorcysle..worth leh..if n only if you got the luck...try lo..who noe you will get it ha!So far i got the best is 35th lucky draw prizes of Fan + buffet voucer+spa vouse + Hotel 1 night stay with mum liao haha!Hotel is E&O Hotel 1 of the 5 star hotel in PG..ha!

Last but not least the guy that i mention above there,our new walker,still in man lai....Ah Hsiung.Hsiung is Sarawakian,so he ad bought the air ticket its quite hard for him to join any of the races.but he thinking of joining Starwalk right after he come back frm sarawak.As penangite,i m willing to help any of you whenever you join my state organised races by providing accomodation(if you dun mind my small home)food as well if my mum around,ha!

Alwin also Penangite,wonder he back Penang for the sem break coz hes palapes,if so also recommend him join PG Marathon and Starwalk as well.He from island so shouldnt be any problem of joining and route of the race while i frm mainland,Seberang Perai Tengah.

Other leh?Han and Ida both damp busy with their final project...sampai nak training pun tak bleh...ha!I just hope my final will not be like that,if more races for me...i dun wan!

kk,till here any1 wan to add in just direct say in chat box or you wan continue this post also can..ha!Last again wish you all final exam all the best!Yang nak buat presentation like Black hope you getting it pass with good score,yang kerja like Jiha berlumba-lumbalah cari duit utk race tahun depan ,especially yang singapore punya,so as super senior Faraied yang jadi project manager,huhu!Yang final project,hope you pass with flying color as well,seem like Han sudah pening-pening dah!ha!Yang buat research like Lim kor also dun do until blur blur but i think its your other activities that cause the most.Yang akan join race...all the best also in your race,oh..forgot to say we got the Kakithon SPIRIT in our mind de,so keep it up and you will reach to the final destination!
Voted best team picture of the year?I like it Kakithon SPIRIT!!!

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ting said...

hehe..i have settle my transportation n accommodation for klang run4it race lu..^.^ yeah!