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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cycling Session to Pendas n PTP

Wow,dah lama x kayuh gitu jauh!I think my las time was reach till R&R in Gelang Patah Plus toll there.But this time i really see the Pendas and Port Tanjung Pelepas Area.I love being explore to new area atleast next time when i reach that area with my fren,i can proudly say that i reach here before hehe!

So today is a beginner cycling session with Cooperate of Abang Mus,his sons,Black,Ayie,Akram,Awis,Jiha n Lim Kor.Those that join for the first time is Wong,Alwin,Ting,and Hsiung.Around 80km we estimated for today cycling session.I think after going through this they all will know the toughness part in cycling.The fact is this only a LSD Ride,so for those that think themselve not doing good enuff thn you just need to practise more,as easy like that!But no worry,our group got alot of helper that willing to help u anytime!Just dun hesitate to ask any question that you not understand about.

Learning is a lifelong process,and you been expose to this just cant be bought by money!May be can la,as you can pay to hire a coach,but really thnks abang Mus for coming all the ways to guide us along with Black.Just like he said,attitude is most important part,during ur cycling by being ethical you will really get the respect from other,and indirectly people will teach you so you will get those valuable lesson!

I didnt snap any photoes,coz my digicam screen already spoil,it still can snap only is to snap without knowing where exactly you snap,hah!With here,really thnks to Bang Mus,Black,Ayies Geng,Jiha,Lim Kor 4 d help during the session!

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