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Friday, October 23, 2009

Kakithon new member, Chiun Hsiung

Hi, kakithon is very proud to have a new member to join us,
and his name is Chiun Hsiung,
here is his story so far in kakithon......

My name is Hsiung, I joined kakithon 3 months ago when one day when I was jogging and met Wong who asked me whether I want to join his group for jogging. My first training with them was like hell as I couldn’t catch up with any of them, but I told myself that if I consistently train with them, one day I will be like them. Mental is really important as Wei Xiang said, as every time I am the slowest in the group; many times I feel like couldn’t continue anymore but im very glad that I never stop running although that feeling was very strong.
After 3 months, I realized that I have really improved although very slowly. Until today, I still can’t follow up with the others but I know that im improving and the result of UTM Duathlon Challenge 2009 proved that. Although I got the 10th place in the Duathlon challenge, Im very satisfied with my result, it is the first medal I got in UTM and it is was my first achievement in sport. If I do not train with kakithon, I wouldn’t have gotten this placing. So I really thank the kakithoners (Wei Xiang, Chan, Wong, Lim) for their guidance and all the things that they taught me.
Kakithon is a very special group as I had never been into a group that really willing to sacrifice and really help you at the bottom of the heart. What I mean is the members really tell me all the things they know and all the tips to be a great runner, unlike most of the people will keep some “secret weapon” to themselves. Im really touched and feel guilty to this group as most of the time they need to slow down to wait for me and during my first LSD ride, they even have to push me for a very long distance. I really learn a lot in this group and I hope that I can catch up with you all very soon as I don’t want to be a burden to kakithon.

*we all are still learning, so we all learn and help each other to improve lo, hehe
*we still have few friends who already join us, next time we hope to hear from them lo.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hsiung, Don't give up, recommend you to watch the movie 'Naoko'