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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UTM Duathlon Challenge 2009

First of all i would like to thanks to all that direct or indirect involve in this event!Really Thanks alot to you guys/gals.Thinking that i may be late to update about this event,anyway i took up some times after finish my 2nd test of this week i decide to update atleast abit ba.

10th Oct 2009 been 1 of the big day for Kakithon where we cooperate with Unit Sukan to organise the UTM Duathlon Challenge as to search for new talent.In fact that day i wasnt feeling well but wasnt a serious case.The fact is that this event start at 4.30pm but 4.25pm started already,i think in Malaysia here never see a event that start early that,but we are the different case,ha!

With around 13 marshals that guide through running n cycling route,the race been process smooth through out the whloe morning.Here i would like to congratz the winner of Shahrul,Alwin,Ting,Hsiung for getting great results in d events.Remember this is just the beginning of your chapter in UTM here,more will be coming in future!

Specially Thanks Black,En Mukhlisin(Unit Sukan),Jiha and all other that i may forgot in mention their name.

P/S:I din snap any photoes,but if you wan it,just ask Jiha or Ida,i think both of them had snap plenty of photoes.Paiseh paiseh(hokkien=sorry about it)hah!

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