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Friday, August 29, 2008

Larian Merdeka Fakulti Alam Bina UTM

See Chan so happy eat the bread that given..haha!

This is a event which we only knew the day before the race,and today 29August/Friday,Kakithoners(T.Penasihat,Lim,Lee,Chan and i )go to the FAB,we dont know any detail about the event only to know is that the run cover 5km for men and 3km for women.We only get to know that there is no fee to join and we dont know the prizes alos,just join for fun and as practice as well.I finished the race in 1st in time of 18mins 37secs,Lim in 3rd of 20mins30secs,lee in 4th 20mins50secs,Chan 5th 22mins30secs,and T.Penasihat in 6th of 23mins+.All of us get our prizes of hampers.

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