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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Powerman Malaysia 2008

The yearly event of Malaysia duathlon race is back,and this time there is no series just one race and thats all.As usual it will be held in Lumut ,Perak which is far away from Johor here,so problem raise again is the transportation.....accomodation.....infact if we really determine to join the race all these problem just like piece of cake for us,but.......if we dont really have those racing spirit,then we will be grumble here and there.Every problem must have its solution,nothing is unachieveable.I wonder to join the race also,as my main concern is still i DON'T have road bike,by using my mountain bike to hantam the sprint category ,i also very takut......ha!ha!Anyway team category is also a choice for me and my fellow friends.Students will have discount of registration fees.As usual our T.Penasihat and Jiha will join,and may be Senior Faraied will go too,he seem now so HOT of joining such races after he joined the Malaysia University Duathlon Series(MUDS)ha!So BE PREPARED of what you want to do of next event!some of the infos below:

POWERMAN MALAYSIA 2008 will be on SUNDAY, 9 November 2008 in the grand Majlis Perbandaran Manjung Mini Sports Complex SERI MANJUNG, Perak.
Powerman Malaysia is supported by the Perak State Government.

Long distance: Run 11km / Bike 64km / Run 10km
Sprint distance: Run 5.5km / Bike 32km / Run 5km

Check to the website HERE

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