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Monday, August 18, 2008

Larian Kuala Dungun

After reading the Metro,i saw the Terengganu,Kuala Dungun race of 10km for men open while 5km for women open.Foreign runner are not allowed to join.Theres cash prizes for the top 20 in each category.So i decided to go and asked Ida together,and she agreed to gamble the race with me,ha!Guess how much the last minutes bus ticket that we had to buy from JB to Kuala Terengganu?Normal price from Trans is RM35,ours is the extra bus,they charge us RM75!!!And we just took it up.Ok,now just guess how much the registration fees?Do you think that the men open 10km can be more than RM20?This race just sucking the public blood!Is RM30!!!While women is RM20 for 5KM,do i hear it wrong?Am i making any mistake?iIf its held in S'pore,i think i may be happened!But now in M'sia and in T'ganu!Anyway both of us decided to gamble as to see how far we could go.From JB to Dungun ,we spent around7,8 hours.When we reached Dungun Town,we still need to walk around 2.5km to go in the Kuala Dungun,and the time we walked in is 4,30am!So cold as said by Ida,and so quiet along the road,we just ask the 7-eleven guy of how far,but he didnt tell us the exact distance ,only said that we will reach not far.Then we reached,still we both were the first participant to reach the starting point.Theres already some official worker doing their work there.So at around 6,30am we registered reluctanly by paying our fees,only just got T-shirt !I asked the officer whether what thingi will get for RM30,do you know what he said?Guess...(again)the T-shirt and your MILO,100 PLUS drink(finishing drink)!!!!Really bad la from that moment start.So the race started at 8am,the YB came with his Merz Compressor,and dont want to whisstle yet!They are discussing with the officer,dont know what they talked .So hot the sun(near sea side)and they started the race at 8.15am.We cross the Jambatan Kuala Dungun.Some national Indian runner were coming,so very hard to get in the top 5.So the top3 were the familiar faces(Muniandi,Arul,Samuel)I finished in 9th in time of 38mins 11secs,i think the distance is around 10km.The time a bit slower than Adidas,but different in term of route,where this one not much hill/down hill.Ida finished in her category of 8th with time of around 30mins,where she complaint a lot to me,ha!Her distance is more than 5km.The highlight of the race was coming....whats it?the prizes giving,for those 4th-20th,they asked us to go beside the stage to claimed the prizes,as usual alwasy Kelam Kabut,Whats the surprise all of us is,we were given empty envelope which suppose to have money in it,and a medal,not even Sijil!For those that didnt finish in top20,i feel really sad for them,coz no finisher medal,no Sijil,Kesian la...yet had to pay RM30.Better go to Mizuno...Then when i on my way back JB,Ida sms me that she wanted to claimed the sijil for me but failed coz cannot wakil,(Sijil only for top20)i dont even know coz when the guy in kelam kabut only gave me empty envelope and medal.So i reached JB at around 9pm,by using the Trans Bus (RM30 ticket,sapu).No choice this time i really make a wrong decision for coming to here...and today Ida told me that she will get the bank in money from the organiser of RM350 soon,hopefully she will get it,i myself went to the explore race,didnt bring my phone,and they missed call,so dont know how much.Anyway the organiser have given the bad impression for us,although their publicity in the Harian Metro si so good.So just judge it by urself of this race.....
The ordinary medal and the empty envelope,you want it?For RM30...hehe!

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