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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Usain Bolt break the 200m mark

Lightning Bolt strikes again ,and this time in 200m Beijing Olympic,very amazing!Its been very long time that no one can break the record set byMicheal Johnson at Atlanta Olympic of 19.32secs.Before this i knew that its a very hard record to beat,but he did it!Wow!Double world records!This guy is the new sensation of the Athletics world right now.So how about we all?What we really can look through this guy?He is very young just 1 year older than me,and is the youngest in the 200m final.So we must really look at this guy determination,spirit which is very extraordinary.“I have a great feeling. It’s a dream come true,” Bolt said. “I got out good. I ran the corner as hard as possible and once I entered the straight I told myself to keep it up – ‘Don’t die on me now’.”“The 200m medal, it has been my dream,” Bolt said. “I worked so hard to become the champion and I will work harder to stay on top.”This is what he said.Have a look at his background stories ,this will only spur we all to work harder to achieve some amazing feat like him.
The 19.30secs that he achieves,can be considered legend now...
Bolt cross the line unbeatable,just like his 100m
Again,he throw away all the contenders

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