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Monday, August 18, 2008

Explore race UTM 2008

17 August 2008,Kakithoners decided to join as we never join such event.I,Lim and Yong HAN 3 person up againt other 15 teams which had full member in their team(5members).So why we choose only 3 person rather than 5?We think that we trio can be good enough of winning the other in the running part.And our strategy paid off.Anyway if your team have 5 members then will be very good to have 5 otak which can think more during the quiz section in the 11 stations that we need to go through.So the race started at around 9.30am and we had conquer all the 11 stations in around 2hours 10mins and crowned champion(hanper and cash RM750,can share among 3 of us,hehe!)So hows the route?Ok,i roughly tell you all what exactly is been about,the 1st station we went to Lengkuk Kuasa(aeronautic section)you have to use your face go inside the flour to take the gula-gula in it then u need to colour ur frens face using what the colour of gula u got.Then we went to E04 around 1km from here,and quiz is throw the tyre in the cone,then come to the 3rd station is near the FKA where you have to go to the river and take the water in the Baldi and use your hand to pour in the water in the 500ml bottle.Next we went to the UTM lake 1.5km from here and need to solve the puzzle of picture.After that went to Complex sukan only to eat the spicy cili padi sardine bread around 1.8km from UTM lake.Then we went to K9,KP,done with the egg put in the tooth pick which you need to make sure the egg wont fall down,then in KP is blind man taking the Ping pong.From KP we went to L12 which really far away around 2km and solving quiz there.Then we went to Pusat kesihatan which around 1.5km from L12 also solving quiz,last 2 station reaching and we went to the Hutan Lipur which is around 2.5km fromP.Kesihatan,solving some mathematic quiz.Then the final station is back to the Padang Kawad in the Celcom booth and we did use the 3G phone to capture the picture that mentioned.So we were the first team won over the Palapes team around 10mins.Very happy that our Kakithon spirit overcome all the toughness/hardness during the race.Kakithon Boleh....Picture will be updated,coz i didnt bring camera.

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