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Monday, September 1, 2008

Explora Race UTM 2008 Photos

Here is some of pictures that captured by the race officers,we didnt bring our digi cam.This kind of race can really help us as it gives us some exposure of the eco race,anyway still a lot of things that we need to learn.Looking for the clues that given,the location that we need to go with only a small picture on this paper

Using tooth pick to make a shape which can hold on the egg from falling down the ground in 5secs.
3 of us(Lim,Yong Han,and i)in our way to another location.

Team leader,Yong Han taking his prize.
Last minute participant is Lim,we didnt ask him coz we know that he will be busy for his convo cation thing,anyway he helped us a lot!Thanks Bro.
I just playing the role as pace setter during the race.Infact i didn't performed well coz,i just backed from Kuala Dungun 10km race the night before the race.
The hamper and cash money that presented to us.

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