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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Adidas King of the Road 2008

10th August 2008,4 Kakithoners(Ida,Lee,Chan and i)went to Shah Alam as to join the KOTR,Wong later joined us also,this was the first KOTR that we all never join it before.Having realised that there will be strong field in this event as it was held in Klang Valley,hence we all didnt really aim much in it,just want to try our best as to finish our race in the best position as we can.All of us joined the 10km,infact we are the first to arrive the Dataran Shah Alam at around 4.30am,ha!The 10km race started at around 7.10am and i had realised that the field wasnt that strong that i imagined before.I tried to follow Iwata for around 2km,anyway he was too fast for me,i can hardly followed him after that moment.Then i realised that my position is within top 5,and i knew that if i can really maintain it will be a really good chance for me to break into top 10,a placing that i never think before!Through out the whole race i was running along with a Selangor state MSSM guy,Bala.Untill the finishing moment he break away from me.I finished the line in 37mins 45secs,a time which i very long didnt achieve!May be around 3years!Infact i wasnt in good condition,as i just finished my Duathlon and UTM sports meet 1 week before,and i just trained once in this week.Anyway i feel really happy of doing this time and the 5th position that i got was also a bonus for me.Meanwhile Ida also had her happiness along with me,where she finished in 8th position of women open 10km in a time of 52mins +- a time that she said wasnt really satisfied of,ha!I am targeting her to achieve below 50mins this year.The guys Kakithoners also had their best results in the 10km men open.Lee for the second times join 10km finished in19th!Its been very good for him,i am glad to see that he is improving very fast,he time was around 44mins+-,Chan also a beginner in 10km finished in 39th in time of 46mins+-,while Wong just behind Chan in a time that's aroudn the same with him.Both i and Ida got our RM300/RM100 cash voucher and we went to KLCC Adidas shop to buy our items.Well done to the Kakithoners,infact by using your own budget to come to Shah Alam here,and having realise that our winning chance wasnt really good and you all had really run a good race!The most important thing is that you all gain the valuable experience!That i hope you all can learn more through out the race.
The RM59.90 Adidas vest,our cert and the 5th place medal.
The new Adizero that i bought using the cash voucher that i won in the race.


Anonymous said...

congrats ong..... 37:45.... great 10k..... keep going....

-hasbul upnm-

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