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Friday, August 22, 2008

Do you know this before you run?

contributed by: Tuan Penasihat

Did you ever know what to do and why we do certain things before, during and after the run??

Did you ever running in the area that you didn't know well??

Why not I share this tips for part of knowledges that Kakithoner must know before we run to Johor Bahru on this National Day..

so check it out!

Before the Run
Try to get a running partner.Leave word with someone or write down where you plan to run and when you will return.Carry some I. D. and change for a phone call.Take a whistle with you.Do not wear a radio/headset/earphones or anything which distracts you so that you are completely aware of your environment.Avoid unpopular areas, deserted streets, lonely trails - and especially avoid unlighted routes at night.Vary the route and the time of day that you run.Run in familiar areas. Be aware of emergency phones and how they work, note the location of neighbors you trust along your route.Know where police are usually to be found and where businesses, stores, offices are likely to be open and active.

During the Run

Always stay alert. The more aware you are, the less vulnerable you are. Think about possible escape routes in case of a confrontation.Take notice of who is ahead of you and who is behind you. Know where the nearest public sites are with some general activity - there is usually safety in numbers.When in doubt, follow your intuition and avoid potential trouble. If something seems suspicious, do not panic, but run in a different direction.Run clear of parked cars, bushes, dark areas.Run against traffic so that you can observe the approach of automobiles.If the same car cruises past you more than once, take down even a partial license number and make it obvious that you are aware of its presence (but keep your distance).

If Confronted
Run toward populated areas, busy streets, open businesses.Ignore jeers and verbal harassment. Keep moving.Use discretion in acknowledging strangers. Be friendly, but keep your distance and keep moving.Do not approach a car to give directions, or the time of day. Point toward the nearest police or information source, shrug your shoulders, but keep moving. If you feel you must respond, do it while moving.Do not panic. Do not run toward a more isolated area.

If Attacked

Keep as calm as possible. Try to fix a description of the attacker in your mind.Do not show fear or plead - this intensifies aggression in most cases.Try to talk to the aggressor and look for an escape opportunity - a moment of indecision or distraction on the attacker's part.Do not fight or struggle with the attacker unless there is clearly no other way out, especially if you are untrained in self defense.

Finally, this is not only applicable for running, but also cycling, walking and even window shopping!

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