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Monday, August 4, 2008

Malakoff Duathlon Series 3(Final Leg)

The final leg of the MUDS had been held in UPNM ,Sungai Besi.We were lucky to get the transportation and accomodation in last minutes.This time we were not sending any team,instead we send more for the individual events as to topple the top team in university category which is UPNM,but it seem really hard after our 2nd series.For the Mens Uni,there were Suhaimie,Faiz(Kecik),Lim Kar Sing(Lim) and me.While the women Unis we had Jiha and our seasoned runner Ida,se said that she is not good at bike and even dont have the bike!She had to wait untill the last minute which is at saturday morning to get the bike from her Abang Badrol(UPNM Staff)which is mountain bike,so what can we expect for?Anyway i just told all of us to try our best no matter whats the result we still can be proud of it.So the events were held in UPNM,what you can expect of the home team?They sent a really huge team as to make sure thier participation is the biggest ever since!I knew that my position in the men uni individual overall will not come in easily,as they will play really hard to make sure they won it and capture the overall title.Chan once again is my closest rival.Through out the whole race,he and me just side by side,only in the last moment of the 20km bike he got little bit break away from me.while the rest of 4km run of first leg and second leg,we were run with each other,another person is Takatishi Iwata,But he was been superb in his final run which we both can hardly followed where he was front of us around 50m of the whole 4km final run.I thought that if i can really followed him well i can get to beat Chan,anyway the day was just not my day.Chan finnally get his well wishing champion of the MUDS,and in the final 250m he got to pass through my challenge and got the first placing in the mens unis category.I lost to him around 8secs.Their home supporters had really play thier part as to make sure Chan got all over the spirit to topple me,ha!Also was his father who travelled all the way from his working area of Sabah to be in here support for his son,even their family members.How about the others Kakithoners?I felt really proud of Jiha acievement,she got 2nd in the womens unis,and this will be her biggest ever prizes through out the 3 series!She was really satisfied with her perfromance,i knew that she had done and try really hard to achieve the moment,since she got the fever last week.Well done Jiha!While the first duathlon race come out to be a surprise result was for IDA!She really cant believe that she had won the 5th placing!ha!She must really thanks to her Abang Badrol,ha!She also need to improve her cycling skill.Lim also really satisfied with his performance provided that he was using the rm200++ bicycle,ha!While Suhaimie used his mountain bike can hardy give any challenge to those racing bike guys.Kecik the first timer also had his bad experience,where he fall a little bit during the run section and cant continued for the bike part.Anyway i hope he can learn more of this experience and get improve in the future.So for myself i didnt acieve the double happiness,anyway become the overall champ and duathlete of unis had really make me feel that i want to become the best of the best in future,i knew that my gap with Shahrom and Heidilee still very far away,but its wasnt impossible to achieve it.I must really thank Kecik for borrowing his Proton Racing bike to me,if not i cant really achieved such feat untill this moment,infact i badly hope that both parents will come and see my achievement here,anyway they are really far away from here.Getting the Bike jersey of Powerbar is really my happiest moment,where never been before i think of buying such clothe provided the cost of it such high and can hardly use it for my running part.I also must Thanks Black(T.Penasihat)a lot for trying so hard to make sure all the kakithoners had smooth and well ride to the whole/all 3 series of MUDS.Thanks you Bro!The MUDS also become our platform to show that we can really compete with those big guy in Malaysia,hopefully and really and better assistance from UNI next time.Infact we became the 2nd uni in the overall uni category,i cant ask more of it,i can only said that you all have really done well and to make Kakithon become the best!For those that i dont really mentioned where i may forgot abit,ha!I hope you can feel and share the moment with us,you are really wellcome of it!
We put the bike inside our UTM bus,dont want to take down the tyre,see how lazy all the Kakithoners!ha!
A small view of the transition areas.
Ida got her well wished 5th placing/Sorry for Jiha coz i dont have your pic as my cam lost of batery during your moment,Lim had your pic,i will post it later.
The mens unis have their pic,congratulation to Chan!To my fren Syah,you also done very well through out the whole series.See you in KOTR...
All the winners having the moment.....
Jiha and Juliana bothe top2 finish in the women unis.
My prize of overall champ in the men unis category,i like the bike jersey a lot,ha!
The mens unis results,Syah still got his 3rd for all the 3 series,ha!
Jiha and ida got 2nd and 5th in womens uni category,well done gals!
The overall champ in mens and womens unis,i just edge Chan by mere 10points,see how lucky i am!
The top university were UPNM,UTM and UITM.
For more infos you can check to here.

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