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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recent update of all running activities

Its been quite long i didnt update anything else,and most of it been done by Wong,thanks him of all d effort been put.So here i would like to mention whats the latest update of event that going to joined by kakithoners.

UTM Night endurance will be held at today(thursday)night 9pm near equestrian there whereby you have to run the loop of 1km+- for 1 hour and winner will be the most loop completed!All kakithoner have to join it.

Then will come the Padang Penembak Klang Run of 15km.I and Wong will join it,this will be my first time to run in Klang area.Hope everything going smooth.

Month of January will be 1 of the busiest month whereby every weekend/saturday we will have to go Stadium for the track training.

Then come the UTM Duathlon Challenge which i will have to think twice of the date of 23Jan where we will have MASUM training camp that crash to it.

End of January we will either joining the Kl relay or track meet which been required by Unit suk director zzzz..

Another interesting event that will be held is energizer night race 2010 which will be held in March,get more updates from here

Last,i hope u guys not just get d infos here,but do go n search by urself about other event or activities which i didnt mention here

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