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Monday, December 14, 2009

Kakithon Is Getting Bigger, Welcome to the new member-Li Ting

Lets hear what our lady runner has to said about her feeling joining kakithon

Li Ting, the little girl on the right side of picture taken during Klang Pacer run4it on 15 november with Uncle Moey and his daughter, Sylvia(thanks alot to Aunty Moey for the picture)

Goh Li Ting is a weird girl, I think. The surrounding tell her, a normal girl should stay in the room(so that you wont get darker), a normal girl suppose to like shopping, … should like to wear heel…. But..I like outdoor activities, I like adventurous, I like sport…and, fortunately, I met kakithon in UTM ^.^
When the first time wong ask me to join this group, I feel tak layak, imagine that all of them so “keng” (handal) while I don’t have any achievement, and I scare to become burden to them. Finally, I join in as wong said no need any achievement, just need a willing heart ^^ At a wink of eye, I had live with kakithon for one semester lu…I gain a lot of knowledge, experience, happiness, and also leg and muscle pain. Besides that, I get a lot of “first time” from joining kakithon.
Hehe, I get my first gold medal in sport at utm duathlon challenge 2009..I strongly believe, without training with them, I sure cant have this little achievement. Then, its my first time experience crazy LSD ride that almost take my life (haha, not that serious lar)..luckily that time ong n lim kor safe my life, coz they push me and say “cold joke” under the very very very big sun..
As ong always said, we are a group, no need to say thank you nor just keep my thousand thank you and sorry inside my heart and don’t express here la… I will never know how much God had put in me if I never try. When I start to join in this group, I m amaze that I can do many thing that out of my expectation…Frankly, I m enjoy and happy to training in this group..What I learn the most is not only the running skill but also the good attitude, their not selfish heart to teach me, wait me.. Kakithon’s training is very flexible and never force us come for training, from here, it train me to have self discipline to go for training without any excuses..long distance running really need very high self motivation, there is still a long way for us to go, and I believe, when we running in the group, we can go further..

*just want to said, WelcomeX10000

*hope we can help each other to reach our goal

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