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Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Year/Semester Target

I think previous year i didnt ask any1 of you to be really look through what exactly that you want to achieve in that certain year.The fact is that this is a very important thing that we shouldnt miss as it can spurs up our spirit so that we can aim at it n try our best to achieve it.

First to start your mission at the beginning of the year,you have to think wisely n plan d target according to ur limit or strength.P/s : Do not target something which really tough to do at,for example : you now study in local uni and ur standard is in MASUM but you target that certain year to be in Olympic team,do u think can it be done???d answer is can....UNLESS ...u suddenly become superhaman or ur increase ur training tremendouly which sometime we call as unbelieveable!U think this tower very high???Look closely wasnt what u think that high after all right?Fikir-fikirlah...

Second,when u plan ur target ad,u will hav clearer way to follow rather than blindly do anything that you like!Lets say you already known that certain races will be held in coming year,so you think that last time you wasnt doing very well in it,so do set up ur mission to better it in another year!I myslef is an example of which i wasnt doing well in my first MASUM but better it in second MASUM so what r u waiting for?

3rd just give u all little bit of guidance since i noe abit of u all(kakithoners) strength.I think by giving example will b d easiest way.Again i take myself as example then may b get connected to some of you.
K,frm this december,i will hav my major event which Penang Starwalk 13rd dec,so i plan to finish is without any disqualification of which i fear d most in each year n hopefully in top 10 in men open.In fact dis target almost d same with each year i set in this event.Y???Coz i wasnt really a gud walker,n my walking traing been very very less only 2 week before d race,so how you expect me to do well???Then i will once again target d KL Towerthon,apart frm achieve our top 2 target in Uni group,also hope to get gud placing in individual category.As 4 u guys,improving ur time very important coz i noe that all of u still have way to make it a gud time,by d way i hope that those already in our elite squad de Kakithoner can reach sub 16mins in dis event,i noe that it wasnt easy but never try never noe,right??

Thn come d MASUM,a event which very tricky for almost all of us,i hope next year MASUM will comprise of more Kakithoners,this is important as u cam gain more experience fight with those SUKMA standard guys/gals that hav different strength with those open category.Thn u must really choose a suitable running distance that suit u the most,only then can make sure you hav higher chances of getting what you want to achieve in!I think theres still quite alot of races will be coming after MASUM,but i want to stop in here ler.Coz i wan u guys/gals to continue of this topic.So d first lesson of new sem already start ler.The topic is the title above this post.So do plan n prepare urself whn u back UTM.Whenever got d chances will ask u all about it,n those tak tau jawap punya...hehe!u better jaga-jaga!;-)

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