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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sharing from Li Ting (Klangpacer run4it and NB run)

Li Ting has done very well for her 1st two races, hope she will continue to work hard to improve herself, lets hear her story.........

Klang run4it

Early in the morning 6am, I trouble my friend hui theng fetch me to stadium sulaiman klang where near to her house. As this is my first race..i m super excited, especially when saw so many people there..Besides that,this is my first time met with aunty,uncle Moey n Sylvia.they are really so nice.
Luckily, Sylvia and I both small small one,manage to pass through the crowd and stand at the first row.Uncle said this will easier for us to start the run. At this moment, I just realize I had done a big mistake!!! I forget to wear my watch!!! What to do..i never run 12km,dunno estimate the distance nor how to divide my energy well..
Organizer got told us there will be a water station after 4km..but..i water station tak sampai sampai..we already saw the road there write 4km but..bayang of the water station pun tak this moment..i feel so confuse..I wonder why I run tak sampai 4km but I feel tired I slow down, coz thinking of I still got 8km to go,must keep some energy for it. And those girls start overtook my one by one..haiz..this is the result of dunno divide energy well.. 
During the run, I got ask a uncle beside me still left how long to run..then he answer me “jia you!jia you!” and he suddenly speed up..haha..then I ask another aunty..hehe..that aunty answer me with -- her breathe sound..haha..and I give up to ask and continue to run with the same pace..When I reach the point where they give us ribbon, I realize I cant keep energy and run with that pace already,so I try my best to speed up a bit. After that got a board write 1km,so I try to speed up lagi(but this pace still slower than my beginning pace)..around 500m before the finishing line, cc come to tell me still left a bit only, tahan and try to speed up until finish..that time I really pia to run as fast as I could already,haha..success to overtook 3 girls lagi..
Really thanks God that I can finish my first 12km run..although I get no14,no prize lar,I still very thankful and learn a lot from this run..

New Balance 5km run

Two days before this race I get fever, sore throat,cough..but thanks God I recover very soon and I only cough and sore throat which I already use to it.. really thanks to family Moey,with their help, cc n I get to register to this race and go to selangor turf club.
We arrive there at 5pm (race start at 6:30pm)..hehe..a bit early..but it is good coz we can go toilet without stress(klang run4it we wait for >15min for toilet!!)..and we can do stretching puas puas. When we do warm up, I already pain here pain there..I had no confident to run this race at all. This time, sylvia and i are not so lucky to get the place at first row. As soon as “PON” the hon sound..wah,so daksyat!! Those people behind us push us until we almost fall down.
First time run 5km race, I have no idea on how to run, how fast I should run at the beginning and finishing??dunnoooo…I just try my best to run and let God handle the rest..haha..Finally,I get an unexpected result. The distance is surely less than 5km, coz I know my ability and my timing. Anyhow, thanks God and Glory to the Lord as little newbie as me can get 1st runner-up in this race.. this is truly because of God bless. Furthermore,not much people join in this run lar..haha..

*picture will be uploaded soon

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