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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Importance of Family n Support

Erm just to share some of my experience during this semester break whr i m staying in hometown n working.Coz Penang is far away frm Johor,hence i just seldom back home mostly during new year/mid year semester n year end semester so total is 3 times.

So whenever my frens are going back home i will jus perli(kinda joke of homesicking of a person) i alrd felt such condition and i think frm now on i will think twice whnever wan to 'perli'again ha!

Jus by shorthen d story of y i think about all this is really important frm our own family n their support in all our daily task.Before i back to home 4 d year end sem break,mum ad promise that she will b in home n 'serve' me n my frens that coming 4 Pg Bridge Marathon.I think serve jus not an ideal word that look so bad.Anyway jus leave it.So whn i want back frm my Kuching trip to Pg,she told me that her boss want her stay n work longer n d time whe will b back is around 2nd of Nov.As for me its normal alrd n i get used to it ler.

After finish d PBIM ( Pg Bridge International Marathon) i go 4 working of which need to work almost wholeday of 10-10pm,not so tired but i need to stand all d time n serve d customer.Anyway whn i back home cant get to taste mums cooking is what i lack for.Days by days i getting kind of feeling in my heart but i still ok with it.Then 2,3days before 2nd Nov,she called n said that she wont b back in that date but to delay it till 16 or 17th Nov of which i will b back to UTM at new sem at 14 th Nov,so meaning that during this sem i wont get to c her at all zzzz...and at that moment i just felt that the importance of our family!You can get away frm all this n that but you jus cant HIDE frm it!

The fact is that mum wasnt really support me of joining running activity although with all these results that i had won,but i noe that deep in her heart she still love what i m doing at.If you look at other example like Nicol David in her squash career,her family is 1 of d top reason why she can achieve so far!So by now on,you guys n gals really need to appreciate of what been given by our parents,they r our best companion/fren/pal/ n mum dad!

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