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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Malakoff 12 KM

Firstly, i would like to thank Uncle and Aunty Moey for the morning ride to the running venue and also helping us to collect our bibs, which really lessen a lot of hassle for us. This time, we ( chin chun and hsiung) travel to KL on bro Ho Inn's car, so save some travel fees lo, hehe.

i had ran a 12km run on 15 of november, so today run will be a benchmark to gauge my training efficiency during my holidays period. Again, i tumpang a night at my sister'place and enjoyed a great meal and nutritious breakfast which really motivated myself to run a good race.

before the run started, i feel abit of stomache just like during PBIM, so my confident was shaken abit and i just dont have to urge to try to get to the front for starting (our captain always advice us to stay in the front for starting).

when the run started, there were lots of people in front of me, so i just take it easy and let the crowd to disperse, as i continue on, i told myself that no matter what happen i should give my best or else i gonna regret it later,there is no way i gonna let PBIM history to rewrite itself again.

my confident grew, when we all started to climb the 1st slope, that is when, i can sense that i keep on overtook other runners while i saw the other runners abit struggle to finish the path(actually i also panting heavily during that time).

slowly i get back to my usual running rhythm, and my speed increased gradually. Each time when there is a hill, i will attack it and widen the gap with all the other runners, i just take it easy while cruising down hill. this prove to be a very fruitful effort as i begin to open up a comfortable gap for my self to continue the race.(thanks to Wei Xiang for the effective hill training)

when i already finished my 2 loop of running, i continue to run straight for the 3 loop(abit blur already), luckily i sense something was not right and quickly turn back to the right path and i saw few of the front pack runners but it was too late to chase, even so, i still speed up until the finishing line.

This was a very lucky race for me as i manage to get cash voucher to buy another running shoes. there is still plenty of space for me to improve and i will surely learn from my mistake for this run. i should not let the external factor to affect my run and hopefully for future races, i can improve on that area.

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