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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Important, Please take note

commitment and perseverance
is the key to our dream
Training Schedule

Our masum training will start today at stadium larkin. so be prepared to make the best use of it because we dont have much chances to train on track much, so whenever there is a chance, please grab it and give our best effort.

Please be alert that we will have our weekday masum training on Monday, Wednesday(gym ktf), and Thursday at padang hoki. For other days, Friday and Tuesday we will meet at ktho bus stop and Wei Xiang will decide on our training later.

We plan for stadium training every Saturday, but they might be some changes in between. we will inform u guys in advance.

Masum Meeting (30 Disember 2009)

these are some of the important details from the meeting

1. Unit Sukan will measure the strength of our team by observing our attendance.
so, if we want to get more privileges from them(exp: funding for competition, equipments and transportation), we ALL have to give the commitment and come for training.
it will be very hard for us to get funding for future races, if our team attendance is not up to the mark. furthermore, those youngsters that will join us, might dont have the chance to go for outside competition due to the lack of funding and management experiences.

Yes, it is very important for us to improve on ourselves, but please bear in mind that without the help of other, we might not even get the chance to be who we are today.
Yes, it is great to go for competition outside, conduct training outside. We all are looking forward to it because we all want to improve and gain new experiences. All these privileges are for us to enjoy because of the proper and consistent effort in management and dealing with Unit Sukan.
(Thanks Wei Xiang for all the behind the scene effort so far and also to Abang Black-Tuan Penasihat)
So, we all hope that all our member will give their full commitment to help the team and eventually helping our own self (individually) and future members.

2. there will be a training camp for our athletic team on weekend(the date is still no sure yet)
all the Uni teams will have to undergo the camp

3. Unit Sukan require us to conduct a endurance run at least once in a week (the route consist of 9km, 7km and 4km) they claimed that a special t-shirt will be provided and refreshment will be given at gym ktf to motivate the Uni team to train

4.Our athletic team Fitness Test is on 23 or 24 January 2010
all the core fitness element will be tested(flexibility, power, endurance, speed, agility and etc)
please prepare ourselve.

5. Masum is scheduled on 24-28 February 2010(ours maybe on weekend only)
our ultimate target, hope we all will achieve our desirable result.

lets conquer ourselves first before we conquer masum

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