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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Race Report For Klang Run4it 12km and NB run 5km

Sorry for the late update, because of the slow internet connection at my home. Both me (Wong) and Li Ting have joined Klang Pacer Run4it on 15 November and New Balance 5km run on 26 November.

Firstly, I would like to thanks all the people who helped us until we were able to compete in both races. Thanks to our captain for sharing much information about running with us and also training us every single day. Thanks to Uncle and Aunty Moey for helping us to collect our bib, provide a very comfortable ride for us and also the carbo loading meal after the run. Without their help, we will certainly be in much hassle to get and return from the running venue, Uncle Moey also shared a lot valuable insight for youngsters like us to learn. Thanks also for brother lip voon for fetching me around Taman U to settle the payment. Lastly, thanks to all our friends who provide the support for us to learn and improve ourselves.

Since this is the first run that I have after about 2 month of training under our captain guidance, ong, I am very eager to test where I stand against the other well experience runners.

I have a great night before the run as I stay at my sister place one day before and she cooked a very wonderful meal for me and also prepared a wholesome breakfast for me before the race.

Since I don’t have a watch for the run (my watch was missing as I removed it after training and left in on the L29 bench), I made a target for myself, to stay on the top 15 and had my time recorded by the organizer.

The race is well organized, as they provide sufficient info throughout the race to let the runner keep track on the distance they have covered. The distance marker is clearly seen and I make the best use of it to divide my energy wisely.

During the last 3 km, I started to pick up my speed and overtook some runners that I have never come close before in open running, this excites very much and I keep on to speed up gradually.

Finally, I completed the race in 51min+-, position 16, and one place short of my target. I vowed to prepare myself better as the experience taught me a lot of things such as to improve on my endurance and be more focused during race. There is still plenty of room for improvement, hopefully I can have a better timing in Malakoff.

For NB run, I also set a target for myself (to target some of the front pack seasoned runners). I followed the front pack closely almost the entire race, but when the organizer gave us the ribbon during the run, my mental went downward because I am quite exhausted following the front pack and something in my head told me that it is only half part of the race that I have completed and I really believed it for a period in the race, so I slow down gradually, and the front pack started to pull away from me. Somehow, I knew I will be regretted if I don’t give my best, again I try to speed up (ignoring all the possible thought that I might can’t keep up the pace until the end) and follow the front guy, by the time the group has been extended in a long line. I try to run faster gradually and overtook some runners. In the end I finished in position 10 , with a timing of 17min+-. The front guy is just a few steps away, but it is too late to catch up. Actually, the pack of runner that i presume to be the front pack, are not the fastest pack. There are few runners(top 3) who are so far in front, until i cant get a glimpse of them during the race. There is still a very long way for me be to run side by side with that kind of runner. Another great experience that I will treasure and try to learn from my mistake. The actual distance is around 4.35km only.

This new semester, my target is to follow our group training closely and hopefully can run side by side with our captain, not just follow from behind anymore lo. Hope all kakithoner will prepare ourselves well for future races and strike to achieve our ultimate goal.

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