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Friday, June 26, 2009

Shape Run 2009

So this is a late post by me which i think made a mistake not to post it here!Anyway after i study/read through the details that been given through the website/here.

I think its worth for us to join!Before this i always think that its a women running event!But since i download the entry form i saw theres men category as well!The route is 11.5km with the registration fees of Rm30 and you will get worth of Rm300 goodies item!So you wait for what?1 more thing to tell you all is that this run is a night run just like Sundown...Yeah go feel it again!Black been registered for it...lets follow his footstep ba..

Any1 that interest give me ur full detail as soon as possible,i dun wan to delay anymore!Cheers.........

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