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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chaotic SC KL Marathon

From frens of blogger,through the newspaper that i read already shown that this year KL Marathon is one of the worst organised event through out so many years!I think as compare to Singapore SC Marathon,KL Marathon just nothing to be proud of!

From the day of taking bib and no. till the race day,the organiser just didnt doing any good job which to let the event going smooth.

Anyway i feel relive as my decision of not joining this event prove to be a correct decision,i dont know/not sure whether fellow Kakithoners agree with me,but atleast theres other sources that prove the event just not a well organised event.From the start of the event,i already heart about some of the product company didnt want to become sponser of the events just because of the demanding organiser!Come are organiser,people want to support to your event you still want this want that?Just such a rediculous,ya may be you can say you are organising a big event,but a big event also need to have cooperation between each other.By thinking of you own way will just out of your way!

I hope that with this the organiser can really realise what had really happened to the event and improve it in future.Look at the organiser or Singapore as our example is good enough ler!

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