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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adidas Sundown Marathon Part 2

For the last weekend,saturday and sunday been one of the busiest moment for Kakithoners!Saturday night is where Adidas Sundown Marathon been held in Singapore for the 2nd times,4 of us(Me,Lim,Chan and Jiha)been join Team corporate 10k event.Theres also other categories courtesy of utramarathon 84km,Marathon,and women 10k.We four went to Singapore right after taken our JB Eco Challenge race kit in Dataran Jb in that evening around 3pm.We went there by kereta sewa.Chan been more familiar to the singapore map,hence hes been our driver all the way.Thanks him alot!1 thing i must mention is that the traffic jam during we cross over through causeway link,during the Kastam in Jb here n Woodland in Singapore there so bad whereby we need to spend half and hour only in both the kastam areas!Anyway we were glad to make it through!

Jiha is first time cross over to a foreign country,because of the Sundown she had to make a passport,and i think it worth for her after all this!The Singappore government policy of weekend dont have to pay any toll fees make it easier for us.If not,we have to cross by what we so call the ERP of Every Road Pay condition,then we will have to spend more!

Around 5.30pm we reached Changi Village,the starting location of the race.Here also a family outing beach.Where you can see alot of family member having their picnic,BBQ,camping here!Their government been considerate of building running/cycling trial jus beside the beach sand so that people can enjoy the most for their healthy lifestyle!

We four went to eat at around 6pm where there is a food court comprises of variety foods of all 3 races.We all finish our food at around 6.30pm.I never thought that the 1 and half hour after finishing the food is the killer strategy for me and our teams members!I thought that the 1 and half hour is good enough,but infact,its wasnt!You want to know why i say so?
follow below this......

At 8pm sharp our race started!I have to mention the different situation of Singapore and Malaysia before the race been started is the athletes wont really get so close to each other untill body contact happend in Malaysia.So this mean you will have ample of places for you to get 'fresh air' rather than air from other people body....Alot of Marshall been doing their job through out the race and i must say they had done quite well in term of Cheering up the runners and keeping the race smooth!

I was timed around 19mins30sec when i reach the 5km mark.At that moment,i wasnt feel well anyway,i knew that the food that eaten just now been a big problem for me where i can felt the food taste in my throat n mouth area.Yet i knew that if i had not performed well,what about my other teamates?I in my heart also scared that they may face the same situation like me!If such condition happended to 3 of them,sure they cant hang on!I had no choice but to continue
the last 5km,too bad i cant really follow my revolution during the first 5km mark.My speed been low but i try to keep and maintain it up.Thanks god that i had made it!My last 5.5km mark was around 23 mins which not satisfied me at all.

My times of finishing is around 42 mins 11 secs.Surprisingly,in a few moment i saw Chan coming then Lim!Wow!they are quite fast!This was what i thought at that moment!I though that may be they need at least 3 to 4 mins to catch me up!But the results showed thats is NOT!They both infact had done their best 10.5km time!Their own personal best time!Chans Time is 44 mins 21 secs while Lims Time is 45 mins 23 secs!Amazing!i am really proud and thanks them.Me was doing my own personal worst time,yet they were so good to achieve their another level!Good job Chan and Lim!

Meanwhile we keep waiting for JIha,coz we knew that the most crucial part is her.The times was around 54mins 16 secs when she reached the finishing line,Thanks god that she had made it also!As i expect before,she got the condition which same with me,this greatly affect her running routine.Anyway i still feel proud of her spirit to battle againt the hardness during the race!

We all went to explore all the booth that been setting up.The frolick yogurt booth provided nice yogurt,yummy!Other sponsers are Counterpain,Energiser,Polar,Seven sea and more...Forget to mention,we all got our nice finisher medal and Adidas Visor.
So we went back to our parking lot to change our attire.Then wait for the moment that we waiting for.....The results!
Its been kinda problem of the organiser which handle the problem that occur.They delay abit of the results and times of presenting prizes on the stage.We knew that we need to reach UTM Hostel before 12 midnight.Yet when we approach the marshall that handle the results,they told us to wait for another half an hour because there technical of calculating runners time.

In my mind i thought that the best we could go is 3rd placing.Anyway when they announce the results and asked the winner to go up stage to take their prizes,we surprisingly got the 2nd placing!Jiha damp happy about the outcome,and i must thanks Chan and Lim of their effort of keep our team on track of claiming this rare moment!Jiha too....Whithout waiting
so much we four went up the stage and claimed our hard earned prizes of crystal and $500 of Adidas product voucer.Our celebration just a while because we really need to ruch back to prepare for the next day event : JB Eco Challenge!

We reach UTM already 1am thanks to the traffic jam in JB Kastam there,dont know why till midnight this kind of situation still happend!This infact shouldnt been happend,as it wil greatly affect the image of our country to other foreigner.I sincerely hope authorities will done something to improve the situation.

Talking back to the Sundown....Whats my feeling??WOW! Amazing!NIce night race,no heat every been cool!not the weather cool only,the organiser also cool!The Singaporean also cool,why i say so??its their enthusism that make me think so.Their sport culture been better than us alot!No matter what gender,what races,they all just keep their feet on and going on to strive their target!This kind of sport lifestyle is what we all Malaysia really need to follow and learn for! Being a tiny country,yet their race can attract alots of participants to join.What about Malaysia?Malaysia cant really hope for the KL International Marathon only!More races and sport culture development need to be done.We are far lack behind our neighbour country!Believe me, if theres no much improvement been made by us,we will see the Singaporean get their first ever gold medal in Olympic much early than us!

The No. Tag as given by organiser,printed our teams name thereBackside of the no tag printed participants name and no.We reach near nicol drive,find our way of parking our car,free of charge at that moment..Along the running and cycling trial,our right hand side is the beach area Makan...makan...My yang zhou fried rice,Jihas Nasi ayam,Lims Char siew fan,and Chan Nasi ayam too..hehe!Having our shot at the starting line Ultra marathon guy start their race at 7.30pmThere we show out our shoes with the D-Tag chip technologyThe big screen which entertain the crowd,also the movie that will show in midnight time,anyway we miss it....Chan and Jiha having their time while waiting for the resultsThey pose again....Lim should become model rather than civil engineerOn the stage with our prizes,quite surprise that other team seem no interest to come up ha. back home times......THe medal,plake,visor and more...

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