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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ipoh Starwalk 2009

So this is the inaugural Ipoh Starwalk that held in last Sunday.Our Kakithoner,Chan been joined the event since 2 years ago if i not mistake.I know that he is getting better n stronger because of the experience he gain in our training and racing.

Anyway this is walking event,hence our experience in it are much lesser than running.But its not the point where we cant perform well.Results been showed that both i and Chan.As i always joined the Penang Starwalk.My placing for each year is well within top 10.Last year i finished in 8th.For Chan this year,i been registered also but due to the financial circumstances,i decide not to go as i am in uni training and also i and Lim Kor will go to Ipoh International Run on 5th July.

Chan Said he didnt perform a good time but feel that his performance is better that last year.How come?This as he said this year more hilly than last year.This year his time is 1 hour 6 mins.And he got in 4th placing ! In men open category!He said during the last few mins been overtook by another walker which seem to be disqualified of running/bending knee.If he is not overtook by the walker,he most probably get inside top 3 and will get full of Prizes and cash money in his pocket ler!Hopefully by joining such event will really gain more and become stronger in future!

Heres the cert and Medal won by Chan.Similary to Penang Starwalk medal.I suggest the Star paper to be more creative to chance abit the design of the medal since so long they still use the same design...zzzz

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