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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

JB Eco Challenge 2009

So the First edition of JB eco challenge was held at last sunday in Dataran Jb.Its been that our super senior,Mr Faraied also come in to join as far from KL.The race director Mr Dale had been doing great job in oder to make sure that all are going smooth.

Among the Kakithoners that joined are Black,Jiha,Lim,Yong Han,Chan n myself.Theres 2 team name courtesy of Kakithon which are Kakithon A12G, Kakithon Z and Kakithon.Me and Kak Julie forming another team name Starkts.

Before the event we felt kinda headache becuase of transport problem.Why i say so???Thats because of our Sundown event on Saturday night then the next morning is JB Eco challenge!So how are we going to make it without transportation?We expect to finish our sundown around midnight then need to rush back to JB before the early morning 7am!The Eco Challenge start at 8am.Anyway we were glad to make it as we were using Kereta Sewa( Rent Car) to getting job done. Still we reached UTM alrd at 1am ler!

Our life been made to easier because of the transportation/Van provided by our College KTHO ( Kolej Tun Hussien Onn)!Really Thanks to our Pengetua Kolej,Dr Hazilan by letting us use the van to bring along all those bicycle.The driver is Felo,Encik Azri,he is a really kind person that wait for us throughout the whole morning till our finishing!Thanks to him alot!

This easrly morning where Lim Kor(Lim) with the help of our Senior VIP,Encik Faraied putting the bike inside the van.The van quite spacious than can contain 4 bikes together!Seem that both of them kinda cant wait for the event to start,they alrd wore the bike helmet....hehe!
The team elite categories were started first,anyway the first that finish the line were novice men team.Our Kakithon Z team of Yong Han and Chan were finishing in 6th placing,well done to them!Before this,the team was comprise of Lee and Yong Han.But due to the injury of Lee,he had give up his place.While Chan is on waiting list or Back up to fill in the place.I know that after sundown 10k,his recovery wasnt that good.Anyway i jus tell him to relax and go for it.Yong Han on the other hand need to cancell off his schedule in Penang Meeting which will be held on same date also.I think his sacrifice of this event is worth enough by winning the 6th placing and the cash for themself!
Chan suppose to be the big winner in this week,by winning the Sundown and the eco Challenge here,i suppose he is the Kakithoner of the month of May.Any objection???Jus put ur opinion on our Chat box there. He is doing pretty well in these few weeks.I hope that with his determination,he can really go far than this.He had learn alot.His personal best time in Sundown 10km already shown that his training before this is worth more than enough!Keep it on,i hope to see him get his elusive medal in Masum next year.Nothing is impossible for every1 of us.
The Dataran JB of where the starting and fininshing of the event.I hope that with this kind of event will really spur up the image of Johor in becoming sport culture among the Johorean,also become a sports tourism.
The first elite team that reach the finishing line of our Kakithon members were Black and Faraied.Look at our Tuan Penasihat hair style....x geti nak describe la...Kinda soldier hair style..Faraied pula cukup Chun dengan spek yang dia pakai tu!They had done pretty well by finishing in 8th placing jus 1 placing from the winner list of cash money!Some how i must say salute to Faraied for using the Caplang Bike!that bike without suspension system yet can really go through the trial in Hutan Bandar!
They both posing with the finishing medal.
Me and Kak Julie after finish our team mixed elite.Look my face kinda suffer alot,ha!Anyway i felt quite relax during the race by dragging on her.I must say sorry to Kak Julie for adding another hardness to her where i had cause her fall down from bike during the last day of our riding in UTM,I knew that her left knee cant push so much,so by finishing the race in 6th is kinda consolation for us.Anyway thanks her for willing to be my partner!
Our Kakithon elite team of Lim and Jiha.I think Jiha not really recover from her sundown,hence its been normal that their pace become slow.Anyway you have to be patience if you really wan to be top performer!NOthing can be done in a way of 'short cut'!Lim on the other hand had become better and better,i hope that with this event can really let him become stronger ...
They took their finishing medal with the JB Vip.
Look like a perfect combination of a mixed team!Next time they may be forming team again...hehe!
The results of Men novice team..
The results of men elite team.
The mixed elite team results.Look at the name of jiha.....
Chan and Yong taking their prizes.Rm300 in their pocket hehe!
All the winners having their final shot
Kakithon family!Black been back early riding his bike,while Nani been took the picture for us,she reluctant to take the photo with us,Tak tau la kenapa,malu kot....
After leveing the Dataran JB,we went to the restaurant near Pantai Lido having our lunch,Jiha fuyoh..minum 2 gelas air!Mesti perut jadi buncit...hehe!Tapi nampak dari gambar rasa tiada apa pulak.....
Our VIP Faraied with his dear on his phone ,below also another 'dear'...hehe!
The medal of JB Eco challenge....
Having our dinner at Agus in Taman Universiti.
Our Kakithon Party,semester break party.its a party where we review all our outing and performance of the half year that we had achieved!Makan-makan...Minum-minum....sambil bergurau with each other.I must admit that Faraied is a good joker....
See you in next JB Eco challenge!!!

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