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Monday, June 1, 2009

Adidas Sundown Marathon 2009

Both Adidas Sundown n JB Eco Challenge jus over,n i am in kinda abit of recovery condition.I cant ask for about the outcome of the both events,anyway i feel satisfied with all these.More updates will coming up soon..Here jus some of the pictures that downloaded from Adidas Sundown website.This event had been a fantastic for 4 of us,Yang tak join punya Kakithoner,i can only say a word to u all " RUGI",hehe!A fabulous event that we four will never forget in our life.Being the first time to race in Singapore or a foreign country make us become more independent than before.We learn alot through out the race.Its no easy after all of these,but with Spirit of Kakithon,We did make it!I here wanna congratulate to all the team members!I feel proud of you all!More will come after this....Be patience....ha!

Kakithon family!Me,Lim,Chan and Jiha.Nice shot by the cameraman at around 9.30pm after we finished the race.
Me and Chan,our pose not as gud below punya!
Ni,siapa dia??Lim kor lo...mos of our guy here call him lim Kor or what we translate as Lim Brother ha.See his pose.......Punya sombong
Miss Jiha with her medal,so happy the face she is!Medal?cantik!.....x tipu!

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