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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Impian Emas Cycling session

Wednesday night,i and lim together went to Taman Impian Emas,around 5km from UTM here.We ride to there with our mountain bike.Jiha and Black also joining us.So this is the 2nd time i been follow to this cycling group.Most of them are using Road bikes.

We reached there around 8.45pm and we all have an idea why not we run for 1 small loop of 2km to heat up ourself.There we go!Then just after we finished our run,in a few mins then we start our bike session.We have to go through 4 loops of which each loop around 6km.Then for the first loop,the pace wasnt that fast,every1 seem to be relax.But when come to the 2nd loop,they all start to bang n go faster.Its been hard for me to catcth up with those roa biker!Anyway i try follow lim for 2nd n 3rd lap.Till the 4th loop,i wasnt have the enough energy and lim was up there far from me.

Then we finish to the bike session and continue our run.Jiha and Black decide to run for 1 lap while i and lim were run for 2 laps.Surprisingly Lim still have the energy to catch up with me.Good hob for him.I think his performance of that ay can convince me to his standard where he reallt stand among us.Till here thnks to all abang-abang that we met during bike session.

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