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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Night training of duathlon in UTM

What a FEELING!!!Its been really nice to train at night,6 of us(T.Penasihat,Jiha,Ida,Lim,Han and i)went for the training of duathlon at nigh at around 9.45pm start off.We decided to run for 2.4km then cycle for 18km and run for 3km.Our training is rated as moderate,anyway safety still is the first thing that we all want to make sure of.Theres also another function near our tepi tasik which was Festival Tang Lung,a lot of colourful light at there.All of us had been wore the plain colour clothes.The gals were doing great job,although in Puasa month and lack of training,they still put all the effort in the 3 parts.Thumbs up for 2 of them.If we always train like that,i m sure you all can reallly make vast improvement.Guys also not bad,as we want to make sure everyone in group,hence we may slow down oour pace a bit,but by letting gals to lead the race in the run part,they actually had run a sub48,49mins pace!Which considered really good for them.Cycling part is very crucial in the gearing control system,Ida still need to learn more about it.Last running part,everyone just run a constant pace and had a final push of 250m.We chit /chat till 12.30am.T.Penasihat had given us many advice especially regarding his experience when with the Johor cyclist.Thanks him a lot!Its been a wonderful night for us apart of getting back our Kakithon Spirit!!!So next week,will will still have same session ,same place,same time and SAME KAKITHON SPIRIT!!!haha!

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