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Thursday, September 18, 2008

IoI Community Run 2008

Another run that clash to Powerman,Lumut.I never join this run hence cannot coment much about it.But it seem really interesting.Anyway that period is final exam time hence it will be hard for the guys to make it.Most probably will miss this run.If you all really want to go then you better set a good target and try to get your best placing.The distance for men and women open is 7.3km and the fees is Rm15.00.For more detail can check out at IOI .
You also can get the entry form by click HERE.

Another announcement is that this saturday night 9.30pm ,we will still have our duathlon training.This time T.penasihat may bring some of his friends to join us.I really hope that you all can take this opportunity to learn something new.

For the PIC update.Its been really sad that our Elite team of T.penasihat with his partner have to withdraw because of injury from his partner.Hence only 3 Kakithoners will go to PIC.


AndyC said...

see ya on upcoming event

Khoi Foo said...

There is nothing great about the IOI Community Run 2008. I have been participating and still a keen supporter of this event.There is no details or transparency of prizes to be awarded for each category.I feel the organiser should emphasized the prizes or medals to be awarded for each respective category. Otherwise you will be running like a mad cow without any objective in your mind.

Secondly, have some respect for the very Senior Citizen whose age above 55years old. I am 61 years old. Don't 'lump' us into the 40 years age group.In the past events,did anyone above the age of 61 years ever won any prizes?.

My intention of commenting is not to ridicule but to improve the event. Despite of this, I have already registered myself in the the Veteran category.

I have made these comments to the organiser but met with no response.

kf yong