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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last few days activities

Last weekend i n Lim went to the FKA night,our Civil engineering night,we had our buffet there and some ceremony.Chan also went there.Its been we second year student to organised this party as to celebrate to our final year senior.Its been nice to gather with all the 1st ,2nd 3rd n final year student which can foster good relationship among us.Below is show how our Chan 'sapu'the food that available in New York Hotel in JB.ha!At that was also the duathlon training where Johor Tri Club President,MrDale came to train with our other Kakithoners.
Then yesterday i was informed by my friend in KL,HasrulSham
that my PowerBar news was spotted in Thestar newspaper in Metro edition.Here it is.Thanks Bro.Today,wednesday will have our Gym training also as usual.This saturday we will going to have our night training of duathlon again.I think that most of our friends will balik kampung,so its not a surprise that a lot cannot come for training.Anyway this time i am available along with Lim,We both didn't back home.Till here...

See Chan can eat a lot of food!Can sapu a lot also!Ha!Ha!

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