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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Olympic Run 2008 results

Its been a quiet morning at the Dataran Merdaka at 29th June 2008,where McDonald was organising the Olympic Run,where i was joined in the 7km men open category.I know that my condition wasnt good enough so didnt really aim for good result atleast a finishing of top 10 placing will do.And i saw some Kenyan runner,ai yoo.why this kind of moneyless race they also want to join.?I started well but my speed become a it slow at the middle of the race,anyway i still can maintain it.I was cut by a foreign old runner which may be around 60 years old,quite dissapointed...and i finished in 7th position in the race with the time of 29mins 28secs.I think its a bit more than 7km,but i knew that my condition still not up to the mark.Top 5 can get the hampers and shoes as well,but i dont have...and i will train to a better shape next time.

The starting line..
So you will wear this shirt outside there???
The cert which signed by the IOC president..
Thanks pmtey for snapping me..ha!the kenyan runner very fast ooo....

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Anonymous said...

U r welcome !