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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Malakoff University Duathlon Series 1

17th July 2008,4 of us(me,Lee,Lim,and new kakithoner Suhaimie Tolek)arrive at UKM at around 10pm,and we went in the hostel/rumah tetamu near Kolej Aminudin Baki.the next morning which was 18th,friday we went for the race location and its been a little bit hilly area in UKM,and in the evening we went to the Duathlon Clinic and took our race no. and T-shirt.We learned a lot during the clinic and must thank to Shahrom and Stephanie for providing infos about the duathlon provided we are the first timer.19th july is the race day,the race cosist  of 3km-13km-3km(run-bike-run).UPNM was sending the biggest contingent to the race which was more than 50 persons while our UTM only 7 persons!I knew that our biggest threat is UPNM,anyway T.Penasihat ask us to give our best then will be good enough.I and Suhaimie were in Mens Uni category while Jiha in Womens Uni.,the mixed team of Ida,Lim and Lee,T.Penasihat and Faraied in mens open.The race went on well and all of us had finished in very good position.Suhaimie was the men Uni champion,mixed team(2nd),me(4th),Jiha(4th).Only the individual offer the points for the next 2 races which will be held in UM and UPNM.UPNM was the biggest winner in this event anyway our UTM also not bad and can be considered 2nd among other unis.1 things that make the different between UPNM and UTM is their bicycles are sponseored by the unis while we have to fork out our money for our own bike!Anyway we are proud of our acievements.

The race t-shirt and no.Powerbar provided too.The transition area and the bikesOur mixed team of LKS,Lee,and Ida,hoo...ray..u did a very good job!Jiha got her 4th place medal,she was so unlucky that had 'pumcit' I am in the 4th place,a little bit of dissapointing coz of time penalty,if not ....Suhaimie was all smile after all his hard work paid off,well done!You r the MUDS championThe Kakithon family members.So happy about the race..haha!Believe or not using this lousy bike this mixed team can get the 2nd placing also,dont play play o....Mens unis category results.The mixed team results,our team lost around 3 mins to the top team.


ebay motors said...

Well,whether you win or loose,It doesn't matter.But it does that you have worked hard for it.

Anonymous said...

well done guys.. during my days in Skudai we dont have this opportunity. Now at 33 i still compete with u guys tho ;-)see the same familiar faces at the event be it lumut, dataran, UKM u name it heheh