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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kakithoners' events in coming months

For the coming July and August will be busy minths for Kakithoners.Malaysia University Duathlon series will be our prime target with the 3 series in it,meJiha,T.Penasihat,Lim,Ady,Lee,Ida will hoping to achieve something nice in it,and in here i really hope all of us can train harder as to make our institution proud of it.Yet i had submitted the Adidas run form to KL with some of Kakithoners name inside it.Hence this 4 races will be a good gauge meter as to see how good that we really are.Wong will join the Siemen Run so in here i sincerely hope he can recover well and run better.Once again both Lim and Wong have suffered injuries during the baskeball match,hence i hope the incident will not happen in future,lets pray for it.Running still our priority hence i hope all of you can train as much as you can,cycycling is second,but with now the duathlon our target,both we must excell in it!

1 comment:

bola2api said...

all the best in your training. insya allah see you at MUDS