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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kakithoner past events' results

At 15th June 2008,our friend,Chan had joined the STARWALK Ipoh 2008,where he finished in 12nd position in Mens category with time of 1 hour 7mins in 10km,considered this is his first walking outing,its can be said as very good for him,its seem he has very good potential in walking,may be we need to develope he in it,ha!The most recently,he joined Ipoh International Run which is also in 10km run.He got 45th in the mens open,which also a good boost for him in coming Adidas run in August.Its seem that with this 2  events results,he has got the special feeling to be hot of joining more races in the future,i hope that he will find those special 'FIRE'in himself as to go strongly race by race!

The Starwalk 12nd medal and the cert Chan got.

The medal of Ipoh International Run and the cert.

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