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Friday, July 25, 2008

Perhentian Island Challenge 2008

Are you up to it???This is what i gonna ask you all as this is one of the most interesting event in this year.The event will be held at 24th August 2008 in the island in Terengganu state.There will be 2 categories,elite and novice.If you are hard core athlete,then elite in team event will be good for you,anyway i myself is going to choose novice,While Suhaimie said he will join with me too.I hope that all the Kakithoners can join as its been very cheap for 3 days 2 nights,all the meals,transportation,accomodation will be provided that you only need to pay a mere RM100++!!!So cheap!!!you can never find this thing!Do register early all the Kakithoners!!!
For more infos do click HERE

Thanks Ida for providing me the infos.

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